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The G&E Program provides its students with financial support to attend scientific meetings, join professional societies, and take online courses connected to their thesis research. 

G&E Travel Awards

G&E provides $500 travel awards to eligible students presenting the findings of their research at national or international meetings, either orally or as a poster, or to engage in an intensive short course such as at Cold Spring Harbor, The Jackson Laboratory or Woods Hole.  All travel award applications are reviewed as they are received. To apply for a travel award, please complete the short application form – one per student per 12-month (on average) period, as long as funds are available. 

G&E Virtual Meeting Registration Award

Due to current Covid-19 travel restrictions, G&E has established a new award to support participation in virtual scientific conferences for students who will be presenting the results of their research. This award provides up to $200 towards the registration fee to attend one such meeting per academic year. It will have no impact on a student's eligibility to apply for a regular G&E travel award in the same 12-month period once travel restrictions are lifted. Award applications will be reviewed as received. To apply, please complete this short application form and return it to Elisabeth Lindheim.

G&E Student Service Awards

The G&E Student Service Award recognizes students for their outstanding service to the G&E community through leadership on program committees, exceptional service in the planning of research, career development, networking program activities, and in contributing to program communications and innovative ideas that strengthen the program community and enrich their training environment for all students. The number of awards given each year varies but typically ranges from five to eight. Winners are selected based on the scope of service the student provides to G&E during the academic year in which the award is given (September 1 through August 31). The award is $100.00. 

Scientific Society Memberships

G&E pays the annual membership fee for G&E students to join one scientific society of their choice.  Payment is done on a reimbursement basis -one per student per 12-month period, as long as funds are available. All receipts must be submitted to our Program Coordinator, Elisabeth Lindheim, for reimbursement within 45 days of the expense (no exceptions). Contact Elisabeth for more information.

Online Course Registration Fees

G&E will reimburse G&E students up to $250 per 12-month period for online class(es) they complete that are relevant to their thesis research, as long as funds are available. We encourage you to take advantage of this educational opportunity - but please first send an indication of your interest to Elisabeth Lindheim who will forward it to the program directors for pre-approval. At the finish of the course, a certificate of course completion for each class must be submitted along with the request for reimbursement. All subscription expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 45 days of the date of the expense (no exceptions). This deadline is in place because of MD Anderson and UTHealth reimbursement deadline policies. If you have any questions, please contact Elisabeth.