About Us

We aim to provide a student forum for discussion of common needs, work cooperatively with the faculty and administration to build a recognized and respected institution, and develop student fellowship and social activities.  We play an integral role in the operation and development of the GSBS, and functions as the official organization representing the student body.

Our Mission is to promote community among GSBS students and to develop the GSBS identity within the University of Texas and the Texas Medical Center.

Contact Us: gsbs_gsa@uth.tmc.edu

GSA Officers & SIC representative election results

The votes are in, and the GSA is pleased to announce next year’s officers:

GSA President: Aundrietta Duncan

GSA Vice President: Alexander Perakis

GSA Secretary: Jillian Losh

GSA Treasurer: Caitlin Nurik

SIC Representative: Jillian Losh

Their terms will begins on August 1. There will be a special FAC on July 24 to welcome the new officers, details coming soon.


Scott Ingram, President
Aundrietta Duncan, Vice President
Michael Lehrer, Secretary
Angie Torres, Treasurer

GSA Officers 2014-2015