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GSBS Student Research Day Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Complete six out of nine of the following tasks on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (one platform only, please) using the hashtags, #GSBSsrd2019, #GSBSsrd2019hunt, #WeAreGSBS by 6p.m. on Thursday, June 27. Entrants who complete all six tasks AND complete this form will be eligible to be selected for one of five prizes listed below. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 28, on social media!

Please see below for rules and prize information.

The Rules:

**Contest is only open to current Graduate School students**

Your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account should be public and you should be a follower of MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School on whichever social media platform you use to participate in the contest. Please only use one platform to compete in the contest. You can post across platforms, but in order to win, tasks must be completed and posted on one platform:

Post your photos to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #GSBSsrd2019 #GSBSsrd2019hunt #WeAreGSBS

Each photo can only count for one item.

Be creative with your shots!

Only current GSBS students, in good academic standing, are eligible to win.

Please contact Tracey Barnett or Kelly Moore if you have any questions about the photo hunt before June 27.

In order to be eligible to be selected for a prize, you must complete six out of nine tasks and all photos must be submitted by 6p.m. on Thursday, June 27.

Winners will be selected randomly from all eligible entrants and will be announced on social media on Friday, June 28.

*Important: Please do not post any photos of other individuals without obtaining permission first.


The Tasks:

The Prize:

Five winners will be selected to receive a GSBS captain’s chair!

GSRD Scavenger Hunt Prize