Welcome to Human and Molecular Genetics

Our Human and Molecular Genetics program is proud to host a diverse group of internationally acclaimed faculty working on a wide range of research topics in all aspects of human molecular genetics.  

Our focus is geared towards maximizing the utilization of the genome for understanding complex biological phenomena. Our faculty investigate the genetic and genomic mechanisms underlying human disease (e.g., cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular disease and rare genetic syndromes) with the goal of developing improved diagnostics-early detection of disease, screening of high-risk individuals as well as identifying pharmaceutical agents for effective targeted therapeutic response in patients.  We use a variety of organisms to model human diseases using state of the art facilities at the heart of the largest medical center in the world.  The scope of the work conducted by our faculty demands critical thinking and out-of-the box approaches from our students.  

The mission of the program encompasses advancing human health through exemplary research and education while serving as a hub for brewing cutting-edge discoveries in the basic and applied sciences.  Many of our students have gone on to pursue careers in academic and industrial settings, education, and government.  Our program is strongly committed to the success of the students and is especially committed to the training of future leaders.  

In the News

Dennis Ruder

Congratulations to Dennis Ruder, recipient of the GSBS Endowment in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Award!

This endowment is a $5,000 award recognizing Dennis for his excellence in and unique contribution to the donor-specified area of study, practice or research within the institution.  It is also noted as one of the most significant honors granted at MD Anderson to trainees focusing in the area of research.

Training Grants and Fellowships

Mimi Le

Congratulations to Uyen (Mimi) Le, recipient of the American Legion Auxiliary fellowship!

Jacquelyn Reuther

Congratulations to Jacquelyn Reuther, recipient of the Rosalie B. Hite and American Legion Auxiliary fellowships!

Heather Highland

Congratulations to Heather Highland, recipient of the Houston Lab and Population Science Training Grant in Gene Environment Interaction of the Burroughs Wellcome fund!

Justin Wong

Congratulations to Justice Wong, recipient of the MD Anderson Genetic Department NIH Training Award!

Antonio Tito

Congratulations to Antonio Tito, recipient of the NINDS R01 Diversity Supplement Award!