MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Bill Mattox 713-500-8802 

Brenda Gaughan 713-500-9870

Bunny Perez 713-500-9871


Dr. Eric Swindell 713-500-9881

Karen Weinberg 713-500-9873 

Toll Free 800-884-4727 (800-UTH-GSBS)

Alumni Affairs

Dr. Cherilynn Shadding 713-500-9868

Career Development

Dr. Cherilynn Shadding 713-500-9868


Tracey Barnett 713-500-9887 


Dr. Eric Swindell 713-500-9881

Joy Lademora 713-500-9872

Data Requests

Nguyen Cao 713-500-9884


Dr. Michelle Barton 713-500-9855

Dr. Michael Blackburn 713-500-9880 

Development (GSBS representative)

Susan Simon 713-500-3118


Dr. Cherilynn Shadding 713-500-9868

Faculty Membership and Faculty Orientation

Kristina Fern 713-500-9857  

Dr. William Mattox 713-500-8802       

FAX 713-790-1529

Finance and Management        

Patricia Bruesch 713-500-9878

Elisabet Lau 713-500-8801

Erica Leday 713-500-9867 

Sabina Martinez 713-500-9885

Medhanit Zekarias 713-745-5257 

Front Desk and Information

Lily D'Agostino 713-500-9850

Information Technology

A. Michael Valladolid 713-500-9858
Website Content and Organization

Yi Fang 713-500-9856

Michael Orlando 713-500-9854

Wayne Turner 713-500-9886

M.S. Programs

Dr. Eric Swindell 713-500-9881 

Dr. Kelly Moore 713-500-9874

Ombuds Office

Operations and Student Groups

Cheryl Spitzenberger 713.500.9875

Program Coordinators

Teasha Barker 713-745-1175 (Immunology; Therapeutics & Pharmacology)

Joyce Brown 713-500-8805 (Microbiology & Infectious Diseases)

Amy Carter 713-745-0659 (Cancer Biology; Quantitative Sciences)

Elisabeth Lindheim 713-745-0682 (Genetics & Epigenetics)

Amanda Williamson 713-500-9861 (Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Neuroscience)


Dr. Cherilynn Shadding 713-500-9868

SACS Coordinator (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) 

Dr. Eric Swindell 713-500-9881

Science Park          

Dr. Ellen Richie 512-237-9435  

Section 504 Coordinators

Brenda Gaughan 713-500-9870 (academics-related accommodations)

Cheryl Spitzenberger 713.500.9875 (facilities-related accommodations)

Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Dr. William Mattox 713-500-8802 

Joy Lademora 713-500-9872

Training Grants

Dr. Kelly Moore 713-500-9874