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Dr. John J. Kopchick Research Symposium
Navigating Your Early Career
November 4, 2019

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The inaugural Dr. John J. Kopchick Research Symposium, funded through a generous endowment established by GSBS alumnus John Kopchick, PhD (1980/Arlinghaus), and his wife, Charlene, will be focused on helping students, young faculty, and other trainees navigate the early stages of their careers. The all-day events will feature many exciting talks from young, successful scientists centered around their career paths and how they ended up in their current positions.
There will be a round-table lunch for attendees to meet and converse with speakers.
There will also be a networking reception at the end of the day.  



Keynote speaker: Matthew H. Spitzer, PhD, Werbe Assistant Professor
                                   Departments of Otolaryngology and Microbiology & Immunology
                                   University of California, San Francisco 
                                   Understanding Immune Responses to Cancer from Single-Cell Data         

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2018 Kopchick Fellows

2018 Dr. John J. Kopchick Research Award

2019 Kopchick Fellows

2019 Dr. John J. Kopchick Research Award