MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Topics in Molecular Medicine, Fall 2018
Wednesdays, 4:30 to 5:30 PM
GSBS Large Classroom - BSRB S3.8371

August 29th

Student Presentations:  Jamie Wright & Natasha Kharas

(carry-over from Summer 2018 Semester)


September 5th & September 12th

Gheath Al-Atrash, DO, PhD – Associate Professor, Dept. of Stem Cell Transplantation (MDACC)

GSBS Program: Immunology   

Student Hosts: Grant Fischer & Marimar de la Cruz      

Program Facilitator: Dianna Milewicz


September 19th

Mental Health & Resiliency

Presented by Robin Dickey, Faculty Assistance Program, UTHealth

Student Host: April Nguyen

Program Facilitator: N/A


September 26th

Matthew R. Lewin, MD, PhD – Director, Center for Exploration & Travel Health, Fellow, California Academy of Sciences and MD/PhD Program Alumnus

Student Hosts: Nancy Wareing & Jamie Wright

Program Facilitator: Terry Walters


October 3rd & October 10th

David R. Piwnica-Worms, MD, PhD – Professor, Cancer Systems Imaging & Cancer Biology (MDACC)                

GSBS Program: Cancer Biology

Student Hosts: Sarah Glazer & BK Kim

Program Facilitator:  Dianna Milewicz & Wendy Woodward


October 17th & October 24th

Ronald A. DePinho, MD – Professor, Department of Cancer Biology (MDACC)

GSBS Program: Cancer Biology

Student Hosts: Carson Callahan & Carolina Garcia

Program Facilitator: Dianna Milewicz


October 31st

Panel Discussion by Program Leadership (Milewicz, Heidelberger, Walters & Woodward)

November 7th & November 14th

Cullen M. Taniguchi, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology (MDACC)

GSBS Program: Cancer Biology

Student Hosts: Jonathan Schulz & Nathan Berg

Program Facilitator: Wendy Woodward & Terry Walters


November 21st

No session today – enjoy  the Thanksgiving Holidays

November 28th 

Amber Luong, MD, PhD – Associate Professor & Director of Research, Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (UTH)

“How to take advantage of being a surgeon-scientist”.

Student Hosts: Natasha Kharas & Pedram Honarpisheh

Program Facilitator:  Terry Walters


December 5th

Jan Parker-Thornburg, PhD  - Professor, Department of Genetics (MDACC), Co-Director of GEMF

GSBS Program: Genetics & Epigenetics

Student Hosts: Odemaris Narvaez

Program Facilitator:  Heidelberger


December 12th 

Rachel K. Miller, PhD – Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics (UTH)

GSBS Programs: Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Genetics & Epigenetics

Student Hosts: Cory Wilson

Program Facilitator: Ruth Heidelberger


End of Fall Semester