MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

How to Apply

Students who wish to study medical physics should apply online through the GSBS website.

When your application is complete (including all of the required documentation such as transcripts and letters of reference), the GSBS will forward it to the program admission committee for consideration. Strict adherence to the deadlines is advised.

If you are applying to the Specialized Master of Science Program ("SMS"), which is our professionally oriented terminal masters degree, select "M.S." as the Degree Plan. If you are applying to the M.S./Ph.D. program, select "Ph.D." as the Degree Plan, even if you expect to earn the M.S. degree on the way to the Ph.D.

Under Areas of Research Interest, you need not select secondary areas of study if your only interest in the MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is our Medical Physics program.

Review Process

The program admission committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. Applicants who are especially promising will be invited to visit the GSBS and the program for an interview. Typically more applicants are interviewed than will be offered admission. Unlike the case for most applicants to the GSBS, the medical physics program conducts interviews prior to making offers of admission, not afterward. The reason for this is that most GSBS students have many options within the biomedical sciences and will choose their programs after they matriculate. A few GSBS programs such as the Medical Physics Program are distinct enough in their subject matter and prerequisites that students would be unlikely to find an alternative within the GSBS if they were not to join the program. Hence, the Medical Physics Program asks the GSBS not to offer admission to medical physics applicants until after the interview stage and a further round of admission decisions by the program.

Over the course of the reviewing season, the program admission committee will recommend to the Dean of the GSBS that offers be extended to the highest ranking applicants. All of those offers will be honored through April 15. However, applicants who accept another offer are asked to decline ours promptly so that other meritorious applicants may be extended an offer.


We attempt to have interviewed every applicant to whom we make an offer. In extraordinary circumstances, this has been by telephone, but normally interviews are conducted in person in Houston. Ideally these would be during GSBS visitation "weekends" (actually Thursday through Saturday).

The interview visit is a time for the program and the applicant to get to know each other even better than the application documents allow. Interviewees have a student host to guide them around and to talk about what the program is really like and what Houston is really like.

The applicant typically will talk to half a dozen faculty members and at least as many students. The content of the interviews varies with the interests and attitudes of the interviewer, so the best advice that we can give for preparation is to know your facts (e.g., the title of your senior thesis project, if you are doing one) and to be yourself.