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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Typical SMS Academic Plan

Typical PhD Academic Plan

Course Schedule

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Summer 2021 (pdf)

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Course Descriptions

GS02-1011: Radiation-Induced Late Effects and Survivorship Journal Club

GS02-1012: The Physics of Positron Emission Tomography

GS02-1022: Special Radiation Treatment Procedures

GS02-1032: Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging

GS02-1052: Imaging Science 

GS02-1053: Radiation Detection, Instrumentation, and Data Analysis

GS02-1062: Introduction to Clinical Medical Physics

GS02-1063: Fundamental Anatomy, Physiology and Biology for Medical Physics I 

GS02-1072: Statistics for Medical Physicists 

GS02-1073: Fundamental Anatomy, Physiology and Biology for Medical Physics II 

GS02-1083: Biological and Biophysical Principles of Molecular Imaging (formerly GS02-1014) 

GS02-1093: Introduction to Medical Physics I: Basic Interactions

GS02-1104: Introduction to Medical Physics II: Medical Imaging

GS02-1114: Introduction to Medical Physics III: Therapy

GS02-1133: Introduction to Radiation Protection

GS02-1154: Introductory Radiation Therapy Physics Rotation

GS02-1174: Introductory Diagnostic Imaging Rotation

GS02-1194: Introduction to Medical Physics IV: The Physics of Nuclear Medicine

GS02-1202: Electronics for Medical Physicists

GS02-1731: Medical Physics Seminar (Fall/Spring)

GS00-1910: Thesis for Master of Science

GS00-1920: Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy

GS21-1051: The Ethical Dimensions of the Biomedical Sciences

GS21-1152: Scientific Writing 

GS00-1514: Tutorial Research Experience

GS00-1530: Special Project Research