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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

MS in Biomedical Sciences Thesis Expectations

 Students enrolled in MS degree programs are provided the opportunity to gain mastery of the scientific background of their discipline and their specific research problem. Such mastery is acquired from didactic instruction and individual study of the scientific literature. Laboratory studies provide opportunities to gain technical facility with the methods required for investigation. In view of the wide range of fields of knowledge in which the MS degree is awarded, it is not feasible to set specific requirements for this degree.

The preparation of the MS thesis provides:

 The acquisition of technical expertise should be the major objective of students at the MS degree level, and the MS thesis should provide evidence the student’s mastery of the knowledge and technology required for the solution of the research problem. While studies at the MS level may place less emphasis than those at the PhD level on the scope and magnitude of the intellectual contribution, the MS thesis should demonstrate the student’s creativity and critical thinking in the solution of a scientific problem. The thesis should be an original document written by the student.