MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Financial Information – New Students Only

Before the end of June, you will receive a checklist from the GSBS Finance Office that details the following items to be completed:

Some items will need to be completed before Orientation begins and deadline dates will be included in the finance checklist. 

In August, prior to and during Orientation week, additional details will be provided including information pertaining to tuition & required fees, health insurance coverage requirements and process, and (for funded students) payroll information.

Reminder: Please do not answer any questions regarding the Health Insurance Certification hold in applyUTH/myUTH, until after you have received instructions from the GSBS Finance Office.

GSBS Finance Office Contacts

For finance-related questions, please email  You can also contact the following staff members for questions concerning the items listed below:

Elisabet Lau

Medhanit Zekarias