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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Quantitative Sciences (QS) Program students are required to take an on-topic candidacy exam in which the research proposal is based on the student's project. The format follows the GSBS on-topic format and also includes a breadth of knowledge component.  Time at the end of the exam will be used for each examiner to ask one breadth of knowledge question, plus follow-up questions as warranted. 

The question guidelines are as follows:

Please see the list of the Quantitative Sciences Program Candidacy Exam Committee Members below.

Candidacy Exam Committee Members:

Jeff Chang, PhD
Traver Hart, PhD
Prahlad Ram, PhD
Kim-Anh Do, PhD
Eduardo Vilar Sanchez, MD, PhD
Nidhi Sahni, PhD
Goo Jun, PhD
Xiaodong Zhang, PhD
Peng Wei, PhD            
Linghua Wang, PhD
Ruitao Lin, PhD
Ziyi Li, PhD
James Long, PhD