MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

In addition to the general QS Program requirements, the Quantitative Genomics Track requires students to take the following courses:

Course Requirements for PhD students who matriculated in or prior to 2019

  1. PH1830 (UT-SPH) Categorical Data Analysis
           1. alternate course option: STAT 545 (Rice) GLM & Categorical Data Analysis
           2. alternate course option: PH1916 (UT-SPH) Generalized Linear Models
  2. PH1976 (UT-SPH) Fundamentals of Data Analytics & Predictions
    Note: PH1976 has the following prerequisites: PH1700 or equivalent; PH1975; and calculus, linear algebra, basic statistical theory and convex optimization methods at the introductory level.
    1. alternate course option: BMI 6323 (UT-BMI) – Machine Learning in Biomedical Informatics
  3. GS11 1113 Introduction to Statistical Genetics
  4. GS11 1013 Genetics of Human Disease                    

Quantitative Genomics Track Timeline

Year 1, Fall

Introduction to Bioinformatics - GS01 1143

QS Student Seminar Series - GS01 1031

Categorical Data Analysis - PH1830 (UT-SPH)

Year 1, Spring

Biostatistics for Life Sciences - GS14 1612

QS Student Seminar Series - GS01 1031

Fundamentals of Data Analytics & Predictions - PH1976 (UT-SPH)

Year 2, Fall

Introduction to Statistical Genetics - GS11 1113

Genetics of Human Disease - GS11 1013

QS Student Seminar Series - GS01 1031

Journal Club (attend for one semester during degree program - may be done after candidacy exam)

Year 2, Spring

QS Student Seminar Series - GS01 1031

Scientific Writing - GS21 1152


  1. GS11 1092 Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
  2. GS11 1033 Quantitative Methods in Genetic Epidemiology
  3. GS11 1711 Seminar in Genetics & Population Biology
  4. GS11 1103 Evolution of DNA and Protein Sequences
  5. GS11 1073 Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics
  6. PH2780 (UT-SPH) Applied Genetic Methods in Public Health
  7. Other graduate level courses offered by Statistics at Rice and Biostatistics at UT-SPH, guided by mentor and program director