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External Funding Opportunities

These awards are fellowships that are awarded by national organizations to an individual student. Contact for additional information.

For more information on GSBS-funded opportunities, please visit our GSBS Scholarships and Fellowships page.

Obtaining an external fellowship can be highly beneficial for graduate students for many reasons. Fellowships often provide financial support for tuition, stipends, and research-related expenses. Some fellowships even provide unique professional development opportunities (i.e. training, workshops and networking events), which can help graduate students build skills and connections in their field

To assist with this endeavor, the graduate school has curated some information and resources. 

Fellowship resources


    The GSBS offers support to students who are interested in applying for external fellowships. This includes…


     Have you decided to apply for an external fellowship? Students applying for external fellowships, including NIH F fellowships, are encouraged to complete the “GSBS Intent to Apply for an External Individual Fellowship” form. The GSBS uses this information to prepare your supporting documents when required by these fellowship applications. One month prior to your application deadline is recommended to give the GSBS ample time to prepare any required supporting documentation.


    The Office of Career Development will share specific upcoming opportunities monthly in the Career Connections newsletter. 


    Undertaking a fellowship application is a major commitment. See below for some tips on writing successful fellowship applications:

    •  Talk to your research advisor: Graduate level fellowship applications often require detailed research proposals and training plans and are improved by the guidance and feedback from your research advisor. Discussing your intent to apply for an external fellowship with your research advisor ensures that you receive support and guidance for your application.
    • Start early: Many fellowship programs have long application timelines, so it is important to start the process well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to gather all the necessary documents, and ample time to write and revise your application essays.
    • Research your options: There are many different types of fellowships available, so it is important to research which ones are most relevant to your field and goals. Look for fellowships that align with your research interests and career aspirations, and be sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully.
    • Tailor your application: Customize your application to the specific fellowship program you are applying for. This may include writing a personal statement that highlights your relevant experience and explaining how the fellowship will support your academic and professional goals.
    • Seek feedback: Ask colleagues, advisors, and mentors to review your application materials and provide feedback. They can help you identify areas that may need improvement and offer suggestions for strengthening your application.
    • Follow the application instructions: Make sure to carefully read and follow all the application instructions. This includes submitting all required materials and meeting all deadlines. Failing to follow the instructions can significantly decrease your chances of being accepted. In some cases, failure to follow the instructions will result in automatically rejecting your application.

    Current program expires Aug. 30, 2024

    GSBS students who hold a GRA position at MD Anderson or UTHealth Houston, who are awarded funding from extramural sponsors will be awarded a one-time cash award of $1,000  in recognition of their achievement. GSBS students who received fellowships/grants with project start dates between Sept. 1, 2023-August 31, 2024 are eligible.

    Eligibility Guidelines

    On the date of the application deadline, the recipient must have held a GSBS graduate research assistant title at UTHealth Houston or MD Anderson. They must remain employed by UTHealth Houston or MD Anderson when the awards are disbursed.


    GSBS students must have received one of the following types of competitively reviewed extramural funding:

    • NIH F30/F31/F99 predoctoral fellowships
    • Equivalent predoctoral fellowship requiring a research proposal and providing stipend funds awarded by other extramural sponsors

     The Notice of Grant Award must:

    • Name the student as the fellowship recipient, or name the student as the primary investigator of the fellowship
    • Must list UTHealth Houston or MD Anderson as the recipient institution
    • Have an initial performance period start date in FY2024 (Sept. 1, 2023-Aug. 31, 2024)

    Selection for an institutional training grant, internal fellowship, or other internal funding mechanisms are not eligible. Examples of ineligible awards include appointment as a T32, TL1, or CPRIT Graduate Scholar or Fellow; internal fellowships/scholarships funded by endowments, gifts, or other soft funds; pilot grants; SPORE CEP/DRP awards. Administrative supplements, including NIH supplements to promote diversity, also do not qualify for this incentive program.

    Application and Review

    Applicants must complete a short application and upload a copy of the Notice of Grant Award.

    • Applicants whose awards have project start dates in FY2024 (Sept. 1, 2023-August 31,2024) may submit their applications on a rolling basis through 5:00 PM CT on Friday, Aug. 30, 2024.
    • We will continue to accept applications from students who received awards in the final quarter of FY2023 (grant start dates from June 1-August 31, 2023) through November 30, 2023.

    GSBS students who hold a GRA at UTHealth Houston apply here.

    GSBS students who hold a GRA at MD Anderson apply here.

    Review and Processing

    MD Anderson Trainee Career Enhancement will fund awards for MDA-based GSBS students. GSBS will fund awards for UTHealth Houston-based students. Review and processing will be carried out in an identical manner. 

    A one-time award will be processed through Payroll and subject to taxation. 

    Institutional Contacts:

    GSBS: Raquel Salinas:

    MDA: Heather Brien: