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GS01 1033 Introduction to Biostatistics and Clinical Trials

  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites: Calculus and Linear Algebra


This course is a one-semester overview of statistical concepts most often used in the design and analysis of biomedical studies. It provides an introduction to the analysis of biomedical and epidemiological data. The focus is on non-model-based solutions to one sample and two sample problems. The course also includes an overview of statistical genetics and bioinformatics concepts. Because this course is primarily for statistics majors, the applied methods will be related to theory whenever practical. Students will gain experience in the general approach to data analysis and in the application of appropriate statistical methods. Emphasis will be on the similarity between various forms of analysis and reporting results in terms of measures of effect or association. Emphasis will also be given to identifying statistical assumptions and performing analyses to verify these assumptions. Because effective communication is essential to effective collaboration, students will gain experience in presenting results for statistically naive readers.