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The Association of Science Communication's (ASC) mission is to enrich our communities by having the ability to effectively translate complex, innovative ideas to society. Societal issues are often multidisciplinary in nature, with intersections of modalities such as bioethics, economics, law, public health and sustainability of the environment. Fostering and strengthening these important connections is where science communication comes in. Our group works on building specific skills such as, but not limited to, public speaking, writing for a non-scientific audience, learning basic programming and coding techniques, and creating graphical abstracts and diagrams.


We work with scientists-in-training to develop and enhance communicative measures to translate the knowledge present within the scientific community to the outside world. Effective science communication allows the ability to inform people about the benefits, risks, and other costs of their decisions, thereby allowing them to make sound choices. To this end, we develop and enhance skills in the domains of public speaking, writing for a non-scientific audience, basic programming and coding techniques, and scientific illustrations for graduate students and trainees at GSBS and the Texas Medical Center.

Officers 2022-2023

President:                   Mekenzie Peshoff

Vice-President:          Shraddha Subramanian

Secretary:                   Richa Nayak

Treasurer:                   Yangxi Zheng

Faculty Advisor:         Pierre McCrea, PhD

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