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The Association of Science Communication's (ASC) mission is to empower the next generation of researchers and science communicators within our graduate student community. We are committed to fostering students' professional and academic development through engaging educational events and activities, equipping our members with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in science communication and research. As scientists-in-training, it is our responsibility to enrich our communities by having the ability to translate complex, innovative ideas to society, at-large, effectively. This group will work on building specific skills such as, but not limited to, crafting effective resumes, writing for a non-scientific audience, learning basic programming and coding techniques, and creating graphical abstracts and diagrams. Our dedication to excellence, collaboration, and innovation drives us to provide valuable resources and a supportive community where students can exchange ideas.

Officers 2024-2025

President:                    Nisha Narayanan

Vice-President:           Thierry Iraguha

Secretary:                    Rachel Morris

Treasurer:                    Ahmed Shatta

Contact us: [email protected]