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GS04 1792 Pragmatic Bioinformatics for Bench Scientists

  • Course Coordinator(s): Chen, Jichao
  • Semester: Summer Session
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 2
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites:


Chen, Jichao. One semester hour. Summer, annually. Grading System: Letter Grade. Prerequisite: None.

Bioinformatics is becoming essential in the genomic era. Witnessing both the power and the complexity of bioinformatics, bench scientists, despite providing most of the biological insights, often feel left out as simply data generators, and frustrated when collaborating with data analyzers. This course, taught by bench scientists who have published on specific bioinformatics topics, aims to empower bench scientists with valid statistical and computational methods to be able to explore data and communicate with computational scientists. It is pragmatic because it covers as-needed theoretical background and teaches usable, instead of efficient, programming in the format of a dry-lab protocol that generates publication-quality figures. It consists of 6 modules covering principles, RNA, DNA, protein, images, and freeware. Each module takes 4 hours of class time, which consists of one 30-minute background and three 1-hour sessions with significant hands-on time. Grades are based on homework.