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GS04 1253 Principles in Genetics and Epigenetics

  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites: GS21 1017/18: Foundations of Biomedical Research


The Principles in Genetics and Epigenetics (PIGE) class is designed for students who have a major interest in the aspects of experimental and human genetics and epigenetics as they relate to human disease, including Mendelian disorders, complex diseases and cancer. Students are required to have completed the core course (or equivalent). This class will provide in-depth instruction in four areas: 1) Experimental genetics, 2) Human genetics, 3) Epigenetics, 4) Applied bioinformatics.  The class will be held two times a week for one and a half hours.  Students are expected to actively participate in the course by initiating discussions, asking questions, and providing constructive comments, as well as completing weekly homework assignments based on the material covered in the lectures of the preceding week.  Students will be evaluated by attendance, participation, bioinformatics workshop participation and completion of assigned exercises, and overall performance on the assigned homework.  As a foundational course, this course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles in genetics and epigenetics and prepare the student to generate novel hypothesis-driven projects as part of their own research in the areas of genetics and epigenetics inside and outside of G&E laboratories.  The course emphasizes active learning through a combination of didactic lectures, selected application lectures and a bioinformatics workshop. Auditing this course is permitted with Course Directors' approval. 

Course Outline Principles in Genetics and Epigenetics