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Ju-Seog Lee

Ju-Seog Lee

Regular Member

Associate Professor

[email protected]
MDA Z4.3032 (Unit 1058)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Systems Biology

With the availability of genome-wide data including mutations, gene expression profiles, genetic and epigenetic alteration in cancer, the challenge now is how to decode these information encrypted in cancer cells. My laboratory is interested in decoding molecular signatures of human cancer by applying systems biology.  The focus of research is the development of research strategy that can integrate many high-throughput data from independent studies.

A tutorial in my laboratory would provide experience in running experiments with various platforms of microarrays and using an in silico computational systems biology approach to decode various genomic and proteomic signatures from human cancer.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

Ph.D. - The University of Texas at Dallas - 1999