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Sieh Weiva

Sieh Weiva

Regular Member


[email protected]
CPB 4.3237

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston
Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Sieh’s research focuses on identifying genetic and epidemiologic factors underlying breast cancer risk and outcomes.  Dr. Sieh currently leads an NCI-funded study to evaluate and improve genomic and radiomic algorithms for breast cancer risk prediction.  Dr. Sieh also leads a large population-based study of the genetic and environmental determinants of mammographic breast density, which is one of the strongest and most common risk factors for breast cancer.

 Research projects are available to trainees in the following areas: (1) Genetic and environmental determinants of mammographic density, and the relationship of breast density and other image features to breast cancer risk; and (2) Genomic and radiomic risk prediction using machine learning methods.


Education & Training

PhD - University of Washington - 2003

Research Opportunities