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Tatiana Schnur

Tatiana Schnur

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[email protected]
TIRR Mem Herm Res Center - 310

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
McGovern Medical School
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our laboratory enrolls par?cipants in the acute phase of stroke for behavioral tes?ng and neuroimaging
from three comprehensive stroke centers in the Houston Texas Medical Center. The goal of the project is
to understand the neural and (socio) cogni?ve systems which contribute to recovery of language in the
year following stroke. We have a large database of structural neuroimaging from par?cipants with stroke
which we use to discover rela?onships between structure (gray ma?er, white ma?er) and language
func?on from the acute to chronic stages of stroke. Working in the laboratory will expose students to
collec?ng and processing neuroimaging scans, lesion tracing (using ITK-SNAP), advanced sta?s?cal
modeling (e.g., voxel-based lesion symptom mapping, principal component/canonical correla?on
analyses), and theory-driven hypothesis tes?ng to understand the nature of the brain-behavior basis of
language and cogni?on and resul?ng deficits from stroke. 

 Schnur Lab

Education & Training

PhD, Harvard University, 2003

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