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Ken-Pin Hwang

Ken-Pin Hwang

Associate Member

Assistant Professor

MDA FCT 14.6092 (Unit 1472)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Imaging Physics 

Magnetic resonance imaging continues to expand from its primary role as a qualitative diagnostic modality, to a quantitative measurement and surveying tool for assessment and planning of various therapies. My current research interests lie in two main areas: assessment and correction of geometric distortions in MR imaging, and rapid quantitative spin parameter mapping.

Recent efforts have included the development of a workflow for measuring, characterizing, and correcting gradient nonlinearity distortion of an MR system. Such a methodology will be streamlined for QA of clinical MR scanners so that we can ensure the spatial accuracy of the images used for planning of surgical or radiation therapy. Other sources of distortion will also be evaluated, including errors in distortion prone sequences such as EPI.

I have also partnered with SyntheticMR to implement a technique for simultaneous T1, T2, and PD mapping of the whole brain in a single 6 minute sequence. Further developments will improve scan efficiency to further decrease overall scan time or improve their robustness to noise. Applications in other anatomical areas will also be explored, as adjustments in the technique will be necessary to improve signal sensitivity and optimize for different types of tissues. In addition to my personal research interests, I support the other MR investigators at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center with sequence and recon algorithm development. I have taught students on the use of vendor development environments for making modifications to clinical sequences.


Education & Training

Ph.D. - Case Western Reserve University - 2002