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Peter Davies

Peter Davies

Distinguished Senior Lecturer


[email protected]
IBT Room 906

Texas A&M Health Science Center
Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Center for Translational Cancer Research 

Retinoids are a group of naturally occurring metabolites of Vitamin A that exert profound effects on the growth and differentiation of malignant cells. Our studies have demonstrated that a specific retinoid, trans-retinoic acid, has a direct effect on the rate of expression of a specific enzyme, tissue transglutaminase, in normal and leukemic macrophages. We are using the expression of tissue transglutaminases to characterize the molecular steps involved in the interactions of retinoic acid with a target cell. Specifically, we are investigating how retinoids are delivered to susceptible cells, how the retinoids reach the nucleus and how they interact with chromatin to regulate gene expression. We hope from these studies to establish the role of retinoids in the regulation of proliferation of both normal and leukemic cells.

Tutorial research in my laboratory can include an introduction to the basic principles of laboratory research, the design and systematic evaluation of experimental data, the use of normal and leukemic cultured cells as model systems, the use of immunochemical approaches to biochemical research, and the use of electrophoresis, HPLC chromatography and recombinant DNA techniques.


Education & Training

MD, University of Miami,1972
PhD, University of Miami, 1975