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Biochemistry and Cell Biology program renamed Molecular and Translational Biology

January 11, 2024 By: Tracey Barnett/ MD Anderson UTHealth Houston

Biochemistry and Cell Biology program renamed Molecular and Translational Biology

MD Anderson UTHealth Houston Graduate School’s Program in Biochemistry and Cell Biology has changed its name to Molecular and Translational Biology. The change came into effect on January 1, following a rigorous process that included a program wide consultation and two elections to select the new name. This new name is part of a series of measures aimed at modernizing the program, which include revisions to the program curriculum, etc.

"Molecular and Translational Biology (MTB) encapsulates the integration of cutting-edge molecular research techniques with the translation of scientific discoveries that utilize important clinical samples or have important clinical ramifications," said Program Director Harry Karmouty-Quintana, PhD. "Furthermore, Molecular and Translational Biology (MTB) aligns with the current scientific literature, research funding initiatives, and will provide a more accurate representation of the diverse research interests and expertise of our faculty members and highlight the innovative and impactful work carried out within our program."

When the program began researching a new name, a survey completed by first-year graduate students attending the BCB Fall Retreat revealed that the most popular research topics were “Cell Signaling and Metabolism,” “Molecular Medicine,” and “Translational Research.”  These results supported the rationale to pursue a name change that aligned with the interest of incoming students while representing the breadth of research of the program faculty.

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