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GS14 1151 Cancer Neuroscience

  • Course Director(s): Moran Amit, Jian Hu
  • Semester: Summer Session
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Grading System: Pass/Fail
  • Prerequisites: None


This is the first program to integrate neuroscience and cancer biology to spur a wave of innovation in cancer research and treatments. By building on nearly a decade of collaborative research and discussions among our faculty, this course aims to explore the interface between cancer biology and neuroscience and the impact of the nervous system on tumor development, tumor progression, and patient outcomes. Classes will cover several emerging areas, including the neural regulation of cancer initiation and growth, neuro-immune interactions, neural plasticity in the tumor microenvironment, translating research from bench to bedside, and quality of life issues. The course will bring together leading experts from across the fields of neuroscience, cancer biology, and immunology, as well as oncologists, surgeons, neurologists, integrative medicine and palliative care specialists, patients, and patient advocates to facilitate discussion of exciting new concepts and developments in this emerging field. 

The course will feature classes devoted to fundamental and translational research as well as workshops and panel discussions that include the following topics:

  • Neural regulation of cancer
  • Glial cell regulation of cancer
  • Cancer neuro-immunology
  • CNS and PNS malignancies
  • Neurological sequelae of cancer therapies 
  • Quality of life, neural health, and rehabilitation

Auditing this course is permitted with course directors' consent. 

Course Outline Cancer Neuroscience