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Moran Amit

Moran Amit

Regular Member

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
MDA CRB3.4867 (Unit 123)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. Moran Amit is a cancer biologist with research interests in the tumor microenvironment and tumor neurobiology. His research efforts have led to insights and advances in the understanding of the interactions between tumors and the nervous system, towards the goal of developing cancer therapies that target the nervous system. He is the principal investigator on an NIH R37 translational cancer biology grant and other peer-reviewed grants. His group is involved in several novel, ongoing clinical trials, including a trial of neoadjuvant immunotherapy in patients with non-melanoma skin cancer. Most recently, his preclinical studies have focused on developing and testing rational combinations of neuromodulating and immune checkpoint blockade therapies. These concepts are being moved into the clinic to improve treatment outcomes for our patients.


MDACC Faculty 

Education & Training

PhD, The Technion Israel Institute of Technology, 2016
MD, Tel Aviv University, 2007