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GS11 1011 Embryology

  • Course Director(s): Meagan Choates
  • Semester: Fall
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites: 1st year Genetic Counseling Students


Choates, Meagan. One semester hour. Fall, annually. Grading System: Letter Grade. Prerequisite: 1st year Genetic Counseling students.

This course provides an introduction to normal human embryologic development of the major body systems. The presented topics will create a foundation on which students can receive information on abnormal development relevant to genetic disease. In addition, students are expected to consider how these concepts can be communicated to a patient in a clear, concise manner. This course is coordinated by two board certified genetic counselors with lectures from Medical School faculty.

Course Outline Embryology