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GS11 1082 Psychosocial Issues in Genetic Counseling I

  • Course Director(s): Singletary, Claire; Czerwinski, Jennifer
  • Semester: Fall
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 2
  • Grading System: Letter Grade
  • Prerequisites:


Singletary, Claire; Czerwinski, Jennifer. Two semester hours. Fall, annually. Grading System: Letter Grade. 

Psychosocial aspects of genetic counseling combine didactic lectures and role-play to teach psychosocial issues associated with genetic disease. Topics include: basic counseling skills, interviewing skills, giving a family a diagnosis, breaking difficult news, disabilities, multicultural issues, and counseling for chronic disease. This course is taught by the program directors.

Course Outline Psychosocial Issues in Genetic Counseling I