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Yin Liu

Yin Liu

Regular Member

Associate Professor

[email protected]
MSB 7.162

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
McGovern Medical School
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

My research interests focus on the development of computational and statistical approaches to performing large-scale analysis of cellular networks, biological pathways, genomic sequences, and gene expression. Current studies in our lab primarily focuses on the area of systems biology, which involves the development of sound and comprehensive computational and statistical methods to integrate information from diverse sources in order to reconstruct biological networks, such as protein interaction networks and signal transduction networks.

Depending on the student’s interests, a tutorial in my laboratory will provide experience in developing novel computational and statistical methods for analyzing large-scale genomic and proteomic data, and applying these methods to solve biological and biomedical problems.


McGovern Medical School Faculty

Yin Liu Lab

Education & Training

Ph.D. - Yale University - 2007