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Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker

Associate Member

Assistant Professor

MDA FCT 14.5042

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Imaging Physics

My research is focus is in the area of metabolic imagine through hyperpolarized MRI. Specifically, I am interested in ensuring successfully clinical translation of this emerging technology. To that end, I am focused on improving acquisition and analysis techniques. Additionally, my work seeks to validate the highly sensitive metabolic information afforded through hyperpolarized MR. My more clinically focused research involves the analysis of clinical images in order to determine image quality or machine performance.

A potential project in my lab would involve quantitative analysis using magnetic resonance imaging. I utilize a large amount of simulation to guide my optimization and validation studies. There is also a heavy focus on pharmacokinetic analysis of the dynamic enzymatic processes probed through hyperpolarized MRI. Students would have the opportunity to work on both pre-clinical as well as clinical hyperpolarized MRI systems.


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Education & Training

PhD, MD Anderson UTHealth Houston Graduate School, 2016


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