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Manu Sebastian

Manu Sebastian

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Associate Professor

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MDA S4.8013b

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterDepartment of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

I am a veterinarian with a PhD and board certification in pathology, toxicology and laboratory animal medicine. My research activities during the last 10 years were focused on development of animal models of human diseases and preclinical safety and efficacy evaluation of therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, inflammatory, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. I formerly supervised the Research Histology Pathology & Imaging (RHPI) core, which provided pathology, immunohistochemistry, in-vivo imaging and tissue imaging services.  Pathological examination, tissue imaging and in-vivo imaging are central methods to evaluate the phenotypic changes in genetically engineered mouse and other animals. Both imaging and microscopic tissue examination form the core end points in evaluating the efficacy and toxicity of new therapeutic compounds and I have extensive experience in both these areas. I also have extensive hands-on experience in design and management of cancer therapeutic efficacy studies in multiple species of animals. Our laboratory is currently involved in evaluation of multiple cancer therapeutic efficacy and safety studies.  My laboratory is also involved in development and validation of tissue biomarkers for efficacy and safety of cancer therapeutics. Overall, the students who visit our laboratory will have access to equipment such as Aperio slide scanners, a Xenogen bioimaging system, Faxitron radiography system, cryo-microtome and other histology equipment for tissue processing. Students will also have opportunities for hands on training of image analysis, tissue processing, conventional and immunohistochemistry staining and evaluation. The students will also have time to discuss in detail about the studies we have conducted and review the preclinical and pathology data which have been archived in our laboratory.


Research Histology Pathology & Imaging

Education & Training

DVM, College of Veterinary Science, 1990
PhD, University of Kentucky, 2004


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