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Jordan Zeiger

Jordan Zeiger

Associate Member


[email protected]
MSB 3.144A

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Department of Medical Genetics

While I do not have a research program, I have experience designing and conducting research
studies, and can provide guidance to genetic counseling students as they develop and conduct
their own master’s thesis projects. I would be honored to serve as a committee member and,
with time, as a chair. The research I completed during my own time as a student with the
UTGCP focused on the return rates for remotely collected samples for individuals who
consented to genetic testing. This study demonstrated that there was no statistically significant
difference in the return rates of remotely collected saliva kits based on common barriers to
medical care including socioeconomic status and primary language, but that continued research
is needed to ensure patients who would like to access genetic testing can do so. I would love to
work with students to build off this study, but also am very interested in exploring topics
related to barriers to medical care and genetic counseling more broadly. Beyond these topics,
other areas of interest include quality of life research, DEI topics, and research into access to
genetic counseling care.

Education & Training

MS, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UT Health Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 2023