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Carrie Cameron

Carrie Cameron

Associate Member

Associate Professor

MDA CPB3.3231 (Unit 1365)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Behavioral Science

I serve as PI (multiple) for an NIGMS-funded R01 study focusing on the role of mentors in training their protégés in scientific communication skills, with emphasis on underrepresented minorities and international junior scientists. The role of scientific communication skills in research career development goes beyond the production of written and spoken artifacts and plays a foundational role in the establishment of professional identity, in this case identity as a scientist. Our research has found that the acquisition of written and spoken scientific communication skills plays a significant role in shaping both trainees’ identity and their intentions to persist in independent research careers, as well as in increasing their overall productivity. The current phase of the project, a longitudinal mentor-trainee dyad-based survey, will elucidate the role of mentoring in fostering, with the goal of developing evidence-based interventions. Other research interests include publication ethics and responsible conduct of research, especially with respect to unintentional plagiarism, and the development of core competencies for interdisciplinary research.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

Ph.D. - Rice University - 1990


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