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Richard Bouchard

Richard Bouchard

Regular Member

Associate Professor

MDA 3SCR2.3614 (Unit 1902)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Imaging Physics

Lab Summary: Today’s health care climate calls for medical technology that provides a safe, inexpensive, patient-specific and point-of care diagnostic and therapeutic solution. Ultrasound-mediated imaging technologies, such as photoacoustic (PA) or elasticity imaging, allow clinicians to probe a patient’s specific molecular composition, permit assessment of tissue viscoelasticity or afford unprecedented contrast for real-time image-guided therapy. Ultrasound-mediated imaging solutions can be provided at a price point, convenience and operating ease that permits bedside utilization or straightforward intraoperative integration. Consequently, I have focused my research program on clinically translatable photoacoustic-ultrasonic (PAUS) and acoustic radiation force (ARF)-based elasticity imaging technologies. Specifically, I am investigating novel uses of PAUS and ARF-based imaging in the detection, assessment and treatment of cancer.

Project/Techniques: Students conducting a tutorial in my laboratory will gain experience in the development and optimization of novel photoacoustic or ultrasound-based imaging techniques. Imaging experiments will generally be performed in phantom or small-animal (i.e., murine) disease models with or without exogenous contrast (e.g., targeted dye-based nanoparticles). Tutorial projects could include the design and construction of basic electrical/mechanical experimental imaging apparatuses, acquisition of imaging data in a murine tumor model, characterization of targeted diagnostic agents, PA imaging integration with other modalities (e.g., MRI), acoustical/optical modeling, or post-processing and image formation of single-channel data (for PA or US imaging).  


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Ph.D. - Duke University - 2010


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