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Anjali Chauhan

Anjali Chauhan

Regular Member

Assistant Professor

MSB 7.005F

McGovern Medical School at UT Health Science Center Houston
Department of Neurology

My research focuses on investigating molecular mechanisms and testing pharmacological therapies in translationally relevant stroke models and vascular dementia. As a basic science researcher, I am keenly interested in understanding the mechanisms of secondary neuroinflammation that play a major role in stroke injury. Stroke is sexually dimorphic and females are disproportionately affected. Age-associated inflammation plays an important role in functional recovery after stroke in patients. The elderly are at high risk for death and disability after stroke as they mount exaggerated inflammatory responses. Thus, understanding the mechanisms that are unique to older individuals esp. females, and play a detrimental role in disease pathophysiology is integral to geriatric research including stroke. Hence, as a student/mentee, you will be learning the nuances of geriatric research and will be encouraged to develop technical skill sets and critical thinking and disseminate research to your peers.
Ongoing projects:
• Contribution of IL6R trans-signaling in older females after ischemic stroke.
• Differential role of CD13 in ischemic stroke.
• Understanding the contribution of CAIP signaling in stroke-induced inflammation.


Education & Training

PhD - India Institute of Medical Sciences - 2013