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Susan Reilly

Susan Reilly

Associate Member
1155 Pressler Street

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston
Department of Clinical Cancer Genetics

I am at Certified Genetic Counselor at MD Anderson Cancer Center and primarily see patients in a
clinical setting at MD Anderson and provide counseling in a community hospital setting for LBJ Hospital.
Additionally, I am a clinical supervisor and instructor for the UTHealth Genetic Counseling Program. My
research interests include clinical utilization of genetic testing results for patients and consistency in
implementation of management and screening recommendations for hereditary cancer predispositions.
I also have interest in cascade genetic testing accessibility and completion by family members of
patients who have been identified to have a hereditary cancer predisposition. I am interested in service
delivery models for genetic counseling and genetic testing for patients and use of genetic testing results
in a multidisciplinary approach within a cancer setting. Furthermore, I am involved in student education
and recruitment for the genetic counseling profession. My research interests include the various roles
that genetic counselors occupy, such as student education, and the growth of the genetic counseling
profession in clinical, academic, and laboratory settings.

Education & Training

MS, LIU Post University, 2019


Faculty Development