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Eun Young Han

Eun Young Han

Associate Member

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
MDA FCT8.6086 (Unit 1420)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

  1. Treatment planning and delivery of brain stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT)

For brain SRT of multiple metastatic lesions, it is difficult to determine optimal treatment isocenters since the orientation and volumes of the targets and proximity to critical structures are unique for each patient. We optimize treatment isocenters patient-specifically by using Python-based scripts and perform End to End test using anthropomorphic head phantom and a radiochromic film insert. There are a few specific projects as below.

  • E2E test of automatic plan optimization using RayStation scripting for Hypo-fractionated multi-metastatic brain SRT
  • Brain setup margin study and off-center Winston and Lutz test (IRB Protocol PA17-0565)
  • Dosimetry study for gamma knife, cyber knife and Pinnacle treatment planning of multiple metastatic brain lesions for SRT 
  1. ‘Electron Return Effect (ERE)’ caused by MR-Linac.

Under influence of a magnetic field, secondary electrons exiting a surface can be forced in a circular path and re-enter the medium, resulting in dose increase at a beam-exit surface. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate dosimetric impact on heterogeneous tissue boundary or beam exit skin surface before clinical implication. For this, the research contract was concluded with Elekta (RTS #LS2016-00053391) and I participated as a primary investigator. There are a few specific projects as below.

  • Verification of Electron Return Effect in MR-Linac on Pediatric patient for lung irradiation
  • Measurement of skin dose in MR-Linac system using an anthropomorphic physical phantom

I worked collaboratively on research projects with fellow physicists, residents and physicians multi-institutionally and internationally and this strategy helps me extend the scope of research. My involvement was mainly as a first author who leads and complete the projects.


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Ph.D. - University of Florida - 2005


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