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Radhe Mohan

Radhe Mohan

Regular Member


MDA FCT8.6072 (Unit 1420)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

Research programs in various aspects of radiation oncology physics include:

biological and physical properties of light ions (protons, He, Li, Be, B, C, O);

intensity- and energy-modulated proton therapy;

biological imaging for designing radiation treatments and for evaluation treatment response;

image-guided radiotherapy (including gated and breathing synchronized treatments, treatment-time imaging, adaptive radiotherapy, image processing, e.g., automated segmentation, correlation and fusion, warping, etc.);

biophysical modeling of dose response and incorporation of dose-response models into treatment design;

development and evaluation of advanced IMRT techniques for photons and electrons, including those in combination with brachytherapy;

the improvement of dose accuracy for protons, photons, electrons and brachytherapy with Monte Carlo techniques; design, simulation and modeling of treatment machines of the future with Monte Carlo techniques.

Background material for these research topics are included in formal lectures. Dissertation topics for students enrolled in Masters and Ph.D. will be selected from these areas. Students will also receive guidance and training in research methods.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

PhD, Duke University, 1969

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