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Rachael Sirianni

Rachael Sirianni

Regular Member

Associate Professor

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
McGovern Medical School
Department of Neurosurgery

The Sirianni Laboratory is focused on the translational development of nanotechnology for treatment of pediatric brain tumors. We are specifically interested in developing methods for drug delivery via intrathecal administration, which has potential to overcome barriers to drug delivery encountered following systemic administration. Major activities in the laboratory include nanoparticle engineering for delivery of small molecule drugs to the central nervous system, identification of strategies to target drug delivery to infiltrative and metastatic pediatric brain tumors, and translational activities, including optimization of of cGMP manufacturing approaches, to facilitate movement of new therapies into clinical trial. Other research interests within the laboratory focus on the development of synthetic, biomimetic tissue engineered scaffolds to model brain microenvironments, for the purpose of improving our understanding of the factors that drive metastasis within the central nervous system. Typical laboratory skill sets include biomaterial synthesis and characterization, drug screening, advanced imaging, and in vivo evaluation of drug delivery, activity, and efficacy. Typical research projects focus on the optimization of drug delivery systems, including nanoparticle engineering to maximize drug encapsulation, release, and targeting to specific tissue sites, with a heavy focus on in vivo evaluation and scaling approaches to facilitate eventual clinical trial.


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Education & Training

Ph.D., Yale University, 2008