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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

BCB-Fall Retreat Schedule

The Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCB) Graduate Program is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program that focuses on understanding fundamental principles governing normal and disease states at the molecular and cellular level. Faculty interests span many fields that pertain to human health, including neurobiology, cancer biology, pharmacology, metabolism, cardiac, lung, renal, and GI biology. Didactic teaching provides a strong foundation in basic science knowledge and approaches, combined with practical skill development in areas such as grant writing and oral presentation skills. In addition to formal classroom and laboratory training, students will have the opportunity to participate in many enriching activities including seminars by local and national researchers, research workshops, and student-run social activities. Our dedicated faculty provide an exceptional training environment that effectively prepares students for the next step in their careers.

Students affiliated with legacy programs (i.e., those that existed before the GSBS program reorganization), may click here to find information about their program requirements.