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GS21 1221 Seminar Presentation Skills Training

  • Course Director(s): E. Wassim Chehab
  • Semester: All Semesters
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Grading System: Pass/Fail
  • Prerequisites: MS students in the Biomedical Sciences program only, Consent of Instructor


This course is only for MS students in the Biomedical Sciences program. Students who register for this course are required to attend official seminars and submit a brief report for each of the talks they attend (10 seminars must be attended during the Fall/Spring and 6 seminars must be attended during Summer). Seminars are considered to be official if they are hosted by any biomedical science department at the Texas Medical Center or Rice University and presented by 1) a faculty member from any university/college or 2) a scientist holding a doctoral degree who is applying for an open faculty position. This course will also meet on the first Friday of each month (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm) except in January where the meeting will be on the second Friday (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm). There are 4 meetings in the Fall, 5 meetings in the Spring and 3 meetings in the Summer. During each of these meetings, two second- and third-year MS students will present their research work to their peers. Each presentation will be moderated by another second- or third-year MS student. First year MS students are only required to attend and participate in the discussion, but are not required to present nor moderate.  After each of these meetings, all MS students are expected to submit a peer feedback form to give an insight of what they thought about the talks. The goal of this course is to (1) expose MS students to a broad range of current research topics in biomedical sciences and related fields, (2) give them a chance to learn how to present their research and results to their peers, (3) give them a place to practice presentations, provide feedback, and exchange ideas among their peer MS students, (4) and strengthen our MS community by creating a space where all MS students can come together to hear a research presentation from senior MS trainees, and be able to network with other students in the program.

This is a required course for MS students in the Biomedical Sciences program. 

Course Outline Seminar Presentation Skills Training