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Paige Taylor

Paige Taylor

Associate Member

Medical Physicist

[email protected]
MDA ERD1.314 (Unit 607)
Advisor: Stephen F. Kry, PhD

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics 

The objective of the research at IROC Houston is to assure the National Cancer Institute and the National Clinical Trial Network (NCTN) groups that the radiation doses delivered to clinical trial patients is accurate with minimal uncertainty. If dosimetric errors are discovered, they are corrected and findings are reported to the institutions and the NCTN. This goal is achieved through the use of various quality assurance (QA) audit tools, administered remotely and by onsite review visits to the radiation therapy facilities who participate in the NCI-sponsored NCTN clinical trials. I have four years of experience performing clinical trial QA and knowledge of radiation dosimetry, radiation dosimetry QA, and the application of those concepts. Over the past several years, my efforts have been focused on approval of proton therapy centers for participation in NCI-sponsored clinical trials. This work has included development, use, and analysis of proton-specific anthropomorphic phantoms, enhancement of the on-site dosimetry review visit procedures for proton institutions, and improvement of the proton remote audit tools. I have also been involved in proton therapy clinical trial development. Common graduate student projects with our group include development and testing of anthropomorphic phantoms for new clinical trials, research of novel dosimeters for photon and proton therapy, as well as treatment planning and machine QA studies. 

PubMed (as Paige A. Summers)

Education & Training

MS, MD Anderson UTHealth Houston Graduate School, 2011

Research Info

PhD in Medical Physics


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