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Shengqing (Stan) Gu

Shengqing (Stan) Gu

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Assistant Professor


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
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Our lab is interested in enhancing the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy by modulating cell-cell
interactions. To achieve this goal, we integrate various cutting-edge experimental and
computational approaches in the areas of functional genomics, single-cell/spatial multi-omics,
data mining, machine learning, and mathematical modeling, among others.

Context-dependent gene regulation
We aim to perturb gene expression in the tumor to enhance immunotherapy with desired immunomodulatory effects.

Novel mechanisms of cell-cell interaction
The essence of the anti-cancer immune response lies in cell-cell interactions. Our previous research investigated multiple aspects of such interaction at different levels.

Dynamics of anti-cancer immune response
With the expanding options for cancer therapy and vast possibilities for drug scheduling, we need quantitative models of the response dynamics to rationally design combination strategies.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

PhD - University of Toronto - 2016