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M. James You

M. James You

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[email protected]
MDA Y5.6083 (Unit 72)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Hematopathology 

Our laboratory is interested in cancer biology and genetics as well as translational research. Our current focus is myeloid and lymphoid neoplasm using genetic and oncogenomic approaches to uncover important genetic events that may drive tumor initiation and progression. Approaches include Cre / Lox- and Flp / FRT-based conditional systems to generate genetically engineered mouse models, including acute leukemia, which permits studies of the underlying biology and mechanisms of various tumor types. In addition, we complement basic mechanistic studies with translational research on human tumor specimens, which helps to correlate genetic changes, expression profiling, or other molecular signatures with clinical behavior and outcome.

Depending on student interests, a tutorial in my laboratory would provide students with exposure to techniques to analyze cancer phenotypes, molecular biology, cell biology, and translation research techniques.


Education & Training

Ph.D. - The University of Texas at Austin - 1997
M.D. - Zhejiang University School of Medicine - 1986

Research Info

mouse models of cancer; tumor suppressors; cancer biology; hematopoietic stem cells and epigenetics; translational research, including identification of therapeutic targets