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Emil Schueler

Emil Schueler

Regular Member

Assistant Professor

MDA Zayed Z6.5050

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

The overall objective of our lab is on developing the next generation biology-driven radiation treatment technologies and studying their unique biological effects in preparation for clinical translation. Our work lies in the interface between radiation physics, radiation biology, and clinical radiation oncology. One of our current focus areas is on the successful transfer of FLASH radiation therapy (RT) into the clinical setting. This technique requires dose rates >1000 times faster than conventional RT and has been shown to produce less normal tissue toxicity while maintaining tumor control compared to conventional irradiation (named the FLASH effect), potentially representing a new paradigm in radiation oncology. Through our highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary research approach, we work towards maximizing the therapeutic window when utilizing FLASH RT, while ensuring high accuracy and precision of the entire treatment, with the ultimate goal of clinical translation and implementation to the benefit of our patients. For students looking for tutorial projects: We typically offer 1-2 tutorials each semester, with a wide range of projects in the fields of medical physics, cancer biology, immunology, and other applicable fields.


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PhD, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2015

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