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Stephanie Watowich

Stephanie Watowich

Regular Member


MDA SCR4.3023 (Unit 902)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Immunology

The goal of research in my lab is to understand how innate immune cells are generated, and how they participate in regulating immune responses to cancer or extracellular pathogens. We focus on dendritic cells, which are crucial antigen-presenting cells involved in stimulating adaptive immunity. We also study the regulation of myeloid lineage cells and hematopoietic stem cells during inflammation and immune activation. Our work includes molecular studies to delineate transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms regulating immune cell development, use of in vivo systems to model human immune disorders or cancer, and collaborative studies with investigators that focus on human disease. A tutorial in my laboratory will provide experience in current immunological and molecular techniques, as well as an introduction to in vivo model systems. The tutorial will also focus on learning to think independently and to choose exciting, and medically relevant research projects.


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Watowich Lab

Education & Training

Ph.D. - Northwestern University - 1990

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