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Osama Mawlawi

Osama Mawlawi

Regular Member


MDA CPB 5.3321 (Unit 1352)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Imaging Physics

The research in my laboratory is directed at functional imaging using Positron Emission Tomography (PET). A strong interest lies in the factors affecting absolute quantification of PET images such as partial volume, scatter, and patient motion artifacts. Ongoing research is looking at novel techniques of image acquisition, correction and formation. Other interests lie in modeling the distribution of novel radiotracers to image specific biochemical processes such as metabolism, blood flow, receptor binding and expression.

A tutorial in my lab would provide the student with an in-depth experience of functional imaging using PET. Moreover, the student will get hands-on experience with image acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis software tools.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

PhD, Columbia University, 1999


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