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Robert Hillman

Robert Hillman

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Assistant Professor

[email protected]
MDA CPB6.3558 (Unit 1362)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Medicine

My lab is a joint venture between the departments of Gynecologic Oncology and Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, founded with the purpose of applying genetic and epigenetic analytical techniques to the discovery of new treatments for rare types of gynecologic cancer. I am a physician-scientist, practicing gynecologic cancer surgeon, and graduate of an integrated MSTP dual-degree program. My lab employs a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes a combination of genetically engineered mouse models, human tissue from institutional biobanks, and cell culture model systems in an effort to a) identify promising therapeutic vulnerabilities using unbiased high-throughput screens, b) construct and analyze novel cell culture and animal model systems, and c) generate pre-clinical translational data to support rational clinical trial design for rare gynecologic cancers.

Depending on the interest of the student, a tutorial in my laboratory would provide experience with multiple experimental techniques including a variety of massively parallel sequencing platforms, standard molecular biology techniques, emerging techniques for chromatin conformation analysis, mouse genetics, and high-throughput functional genomics. Training in the lab will include exposure to both lab bench experimental science as well as techniques of computational biology and deep immersion into the use and application of high-performance computing systems.


MDACC Faculty

Education & Training

PhD, Stanford University, School of Medicine, 2010
MD, Stanford University School of Medicine, 2012


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