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Xiaochun Wang

Xiaochun Wang

Associate Member

Associate Professor

[email protected]
MDA FCT6.5052 (Unit 1420)

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Physics

My current research interests focus on the following areas:

We are investigating fully automated IMRT treatment planning.  Currently, the IMRT plan was designed by the dosimetrists manually and it involved many trial and error processes.  The process includes manually contouring treatment targets and normal structures, using the trial and error processes to manually select beam angles by experience and objective function parameters by iterative optimization. It is time consuming. We proposed the methods that can select beam angles and objective function parameters automatically in the IMRT plan. In addition, we investigated the automatically contouring target and normal structures. The goal is to reduce the whole labor-intense IMRT planning procedure to just "one button click" and the plan is done. Some methods have been used clinically.

We are investigating proton radiotherapy for breast patients.  Proton radiotherapy represents another major step forward in radiotherapy.  We are investigating the dosimetric benefit of proton radiotherapy for breast radiotherapy, especially for accelerated partial breast irradiation, and exploring the effects of proton treatment uncertainties for breast radiotherapy.

We are investigating the effects of cardiac motion with/without respiratory motion to the left breast radiotherapy.  Radiotherapy is an effective treatment for breast cancer. However, many studies have demonstrated increased risk of mortality among irradiated breast cancer patients. Few studies address cardiac motion related to radiation treatment. We are investigating the dosimetric effects of cardiac motion to breast radiotherapy.

We are also investigating breast patient set up techniques for radiotherapy using the OBI system. The purpose is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of current techniques. Various radiotherapy techniques are used to treat breast cancer patients and we are investigating the optimal way to set up patients for different radiotherapy techniques.


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Ph.D. - Ohio University - 2001


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