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Sachet Shukla

Sachet Shukla

Regular Member

Assistant Professor
7435 Fannin Street - 2SCR2.2022

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Hematopoietic Biology Malignancy

The Shukla lab is a highly translational group focused on antigen discovery and development of personalized immunotherapies. We develop computational approaches and harness state-of-the-art bulk and single-cell sequencing technologies and experimental assays to identify the full complement of tumor antigens in patient samples, and their cognate T-cell receptors. We are creating the next generation of personalized cancer vaccines designed to target antigens identified within each patient. These novel vaccination approaches will be tested in clinical trials across multiple tumor types.

We are building pipelines and machine learning models for integrated multi-omic analysis in order to elucidate mechanisms governing immunogenicity, immune escape and clinical outcomes to cancer immunotherapy.  We are also establishing a comprehensive computational toolkit for characterization of highly polymorphic immune system-related genes which will significantly enable fundamental and translational research in tumor immunology.

Prospective students will have the opportunity on several impactful projects, a few examples of which are listed below

  • Development of novel immunogenomic tools for analysis of high-throughput profiling data
  • Analysis of patient cohorts or patient-derived xenografts in order to identify novel targets for therapeutic development
  • Creation of machine learning approaches to distinguish responders from non-responders to various immunotherapies, including from clinical vaccine trials
  • Experimental investigation of antigen delivery platforms, and development of novel delivery approaches

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Education & Training

PhD - Iowa State University - 2014